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Accidentally Trendy: The Tiny House Movement

Husband always tells the story of a time when we were frequenting a local watering hole on a typical weekend night. To give some context, this establishment was a lesser known dive bar in college, but overtime transformed into a popular, hipster-loving, always-down-for-a-good-time spot as the neighborhood become more and more popular. I’m talking about Kings Hardware in Seattle.

Now, if any of you know Husband, you know that he LOVES flannel, and has been wearing flannel since before I knew him. On this particular Saturday night, Husband was wearing one of his go-to flannel shirts. At some point in the night, another patron approached Husband, raised his glass, and said, “Nice flannel!”

At first Husband was a bit confused by the comment because he had never heard anyone tell him that flannel was nice. But as he looked around the bar, he realized that every other person in the room was also wearing flannel. That was when Husband knew: overnight he had become trendy, by mere accident.

I tell this story to illustrate how Husband and I have unknowingly fallen into a popular trend again. With the preparations of Ozzie for the remodel, we’ve accidentally become part of the tiny house movement.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Ozzie and Ezmeralda (our Christmas tree)!


Ozzie Before

Every good remodel comes fully equipped with the ‘look what it was like before we started work on our house’ pictures. And so, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you Ozzie’s humble beginning:

Street view of our home sweet home

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The Waiting Game


Since finishing the shed, Husband and I have not made much progress on Ozzie. The hold up, you may ask? Waiting for permits. The City of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) has to review all construction plans before we can officially start the remodel.

We’ve been waiting for 2 months now.

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To Know or Not to Know

The number one question I get after people find out I am pregnant is if the Twinkie is a boy or a girl. When we first found out we were pregnant, Husband and I started a debate that would last for months as to whether or not we were going to find out what gender of baby we were having. My philosophy was that keeping it a surprise until end would be pretty fun. Besides, women have not been able to know the gender of their child for centuries. Why stray from that now?

Our first ultrasound
Our first ultrasound

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The Great Shed Reveal

Finishing the shed took a lot longer than I thought it would (an omen of things to come, perhaps), but we are finally finished! And boy, is she a beaut…

The finished product
The finished product

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Shake Your Shou Sugi Ban Ban


The construction of the infamous shed is underway, now that the backyard is cleared of all laurel hedges, stumps, and debris. Husband is working hard to finish the shed so we can move out of our storage unit we’ve been renting for years. I promise I will show you the finished product in due time, but first I want to dedicate a post to a fun ‘extra project’ we decided to for the shed: shou sugi ban.

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Stump Removal

Excited that we had a yard again, we were ready to build our new shed. However, before Husband could make any headway on the project, we needed to remove the massive laurel stumps from our backyard.

our de-laureled backyard
our de-laureled backyard

Having never personally removed stumps before, I was at a loss for how we were going to make this happen. Husband didn’t really need my expert advice on stump removal; however, because he had already come up with a plan. We were going to rent a stump grinder.

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The Unexpected Project

Husband, Ozzie (our 540 square foot bungalow), and I shared one utterly blissful week together after we moved in. The laurel hedges were gone, Husband put up shelves and cabinets for storage, and we slowly unpacked all our boxes. I was in love with home ownership.

Then, the unthinkable happened…

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