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House Projects

Walls and more

Hey look! Look what we did!

Mountain mural

It’s the feature wall in Twinkie’s new room! Pretty cool, huh?!?

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

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Just for fun

While Husband and I were waiting out the Long Winter, we needed a little side project to boost our spirits. With spring right around the corner, and the first time that either of us owned our own property, we decided it would be fun to test out our green thumbs and build a couple planter boxes.

Our little side project

But let me tell you, these aren’t just any old planter boxes…

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The Long Winter

After our epic Demolition Day, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed about the next steps to expand Ozzie and make room for Twinkie. But then life happened. And Twinkie arrived. And Husband got pulled away to finish up his latest project. And Ozzie sat, with his backside torn off, and us living with a newborn in our tiny house through the long winter.

Ozzie’s ready for his new face lift

But after winter always comes spring. And with spring comes the hope of new beginnings. And for us living inside Ozzie, comes the hope of progress.

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Cart Horsing

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I married into a long standing William’s family tradition of cart horsing. That is to say, putting the cart before the horse. What I also didn’t realize, is that being married to Husband would allow this habit to wear off on me.


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Demolition Day

Ok, ok, ok. I know. I am terrible at this. But, in an effort to keep this blog alive, I am going to continue Ozzie’s story where I left off…

… if you, my loyal reader, can remember way back to my latest blog, you will recall that we were given the Green Light from the city to start construction on Ozzie. It was time to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than to get the sledge hammers out and start breaking down walls?

This is what 100 square feet of house looks like

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Sidenote: the Latest from Ozzie and the Gang

I know that my loyal readers are waiting with bated breath for the latest update on Ozzie. I am here to say…

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The Green Light


Fear not, readers! I have not abandoned you. Unfortunately, there just hasn’t been too much to update you on…

… That is, until now!*

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Accidentally Trendy: The Tiny House Movement

Husband always tells the story of a time when we were frequenting a local watering hole on a typical weekend night. To give some context, this establishment was a lesser known dive bar in college, but overtime transformed into a popular, hipster-loving, always-down-for-a-good-time spot as the neighborhood become more and more popular. I’m talking about Kings Hardware in Seattle.

Now, if any of you know Husband, you know that he LOVES flannel, and has been wearing flannel since before I knew him. On this particular Saturday night, Husband was wearing one of his go-to flannel shirts. At some point in the night, another patron approached Husband, raised his glass, and said, “Nice flannel!”

At first Husband was a bit confused by the comment because he had never heard anyone tell him that flannel was nice. But as he looked around the bar, he realized that every other person in the room was also wearing flannel. That was when Husband knew: overnight he had become trendy, by mere accident.

I tell this story to illustrate how Husband and I have unknowingly fallen into a popular trend again. With the preparations of Ozzie for the remodel, we’ve accidentally become part of the tiny house movement.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Ozzie and Ezmeralda (our Christmas tree)!


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