We are N&K Williams. Recent homeowners. Expectant parents.

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A few months ago we received the exciting, yet somewhat surprising, news that our first child is due February 2016. Since we were currently renting a 400 square foot mother-in-law, we knew we needed to find a place of our own, asap.

After some research and a lot of dreaming, we found a house within our budget in one of our top neighborhoods. The only catch: some would consider it to be more of a shack than a house. Thankfully, N possesses amazing architectural design, construction, and all around handyman skills to make this house into a home.

And so we embark on our craziest adventure yet. Our goal is to transform our 1 bedroom, 1 bath house into a redesigned 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home, all while preparing for the arrival our first child.

As a self-proclaimed amateur writer and photographer, K will use this blog, Making Room for Twinkie, as a means to document our remodel. Follow us, by clicking the link on the bottom-left of this page, to witness first hand some of the crazy stories that will happen to us in the months to come.

Also check out our first post to find out more specifics about this project.

We might be a little insane, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.