In the process of getting all of Ozzie’s plumbing and electrical hooked up inside and putting in our insulation, Husband spent some time on the exterior of the house getting our utility boxes and meters in place. While this wasn’t glamours work, it was a very necessary step in the process.

The newly installed gas meter

On the list was the gas meter, the electrical meter, the hot water heater, and hooking the sewer line to the main line in the street.

A few of these hook ups were as simple as installing the correct gizmo to the outside of our house. (Of course I say this without actually doing any work on this, so you’ll have to ask Husband the difficulty level of gizmo installation).

Electrical meter gizmo
Hot water heater gizmo

The other two hook ups; however, required a bit more manual labor for Husband. As I mentioned in the last post, Husband decided to do the sewer work himself. Additionally, he had to attach the new gas meter for our fireplace, stove, and hot water heater. Both of these projects required digging up our front and side yards, and not at the same time. Husband’s favorite job (read sarcastically).

Thankfully, this time Husband had a helper to dig the holes.

Twinkie getting down and dirty
Making sure the machinery is ready for digging*

We couldn’t go outside without Twinkie asking to use his shovel in our front yard pit. (Queue Mouse Rat’s “The Pit” from Parks and Recreation).

After the pits were dug, Husband had to lay the appropriate piping for the gas hook up and called the City out to sign off on our work. In the second version of his pit, Husband had to bust up the original sewer pipe and install new piping to the main sewer line.

The original sewer pipe was a concrete pipe that was broken in one spot. Let’s not talk about what that meant for our side yard over the years. He then installed brand new PVC pipes to move sewer from our house out to the city’s property. After covering the pits back up, and reclaiming our front yard again, we were done with this part of the remodel.

As I am beginning to realize in this whole remodel process, the utility hook up is now one more step completed in the long list of things needed to move into the new and improved Ozzie.

*DISCLAIMER: We didn’t actually use an excavator on this particular project. I just thought it was an appropriate picture to add.