There comes a point in every baby’s life where they fly from the nest and venture out into this big, bright world on their own. That point is different for each baby, but is inevitable for all. For us and Twinkie, that point came sooner than we expected.

Twinkie gazing into the bright world beyond

As you all remember, we had to make several modifications to Ozzie so we could functionally live in our tiny space. Unfortunately for us, this meant no nursery for Twinkie to stay in. Instead, we kept him in our living room/ bedroom with us in a bassinet or a pack ‘n play.

This plan worked out beautifully for the first 6 to 9 months of Twinkie’s life. Not to brag or anything, but Twinkie slept like a rock star, even early on. There was a time that I thought he could sleep through anything. In fact, there were many times that he did sleep through anything…

Several friends remind me frequently about the time we took Twinkie with us to watch the Copa America Cup final at a restaurant. The futbal final was against Chile and Argentina and the restaurant we went to was the designated place for all of the local Chilean fans to watch the game. To say the place was loud is an understatement. Fans were going crazy over Chile’s defeat of Argentina. However, if you were to look at Twinkie during the game, you would have no idea all this was going on. He slept soundly through the entirety of the game.

The point being, Twinkie was an excellent sleeper… until he wasn’t.

Overnight it seemed, Twinkie went from falling asleep with the tv playing in the background and all the lights on, to not being able to sleep at all if something was going on in the room.

This led to some disastrous night for us as we tried to figure out how to vacate the living room/ bedroom/ nursery so he would fall asleep. Since our only available option of places to go in Ozzie were either the bathroom or the kitchen, on many nights I found myself huddled in the dark on the kitchen floor waiting in desperation for Twinkie to go to sleep so I could wash the dishes. Once he actually fell asleep it was hard to wake him up, but even the smallest movement or sound would keep him awake and distracted for hours.

I finally said enough is enough and told Husband that we needed to come up with a solution. We joked with some friends about building a temporary crib in the bathtub, but quickly abandoned that idea for obvious reasons. Husband and I walked around our tiny house trying to think of some ideas until I saw this…

… our closet

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: what on earth does this have to do with anything? That’s exactly how I felt until I looked at our closet with a new mindset. You see, new parents will do just about anything to get a return to some sort of normality in their life.

I told Husband, ‘What about if we built Twinkie a crib here, in our closet?’ At first he laughed at me, but then you could see the idea grow in his eyes. What IF we built Twinkie a crib here? We brainstormed for a few minutes, and it was after that conversation I knew our lives would change forever.

You see, we only have two interior doors in Ozzie. One is from the closet into the bathroom, and the other is from the living room/ bedroom/ nursery into the closet. If we could figure out a way to let Twinkie sleep behind one of these closed door, this would be an absolute game changer for us.

Husband and ever faithful Brother-in-Law set out the next day to transform our closet into what was dubbed Twinkie’s Harry Potter room. While this was one less day Husband could work on the remodel in the back of Ozzie, this one day was well worth that sacrifice.

Custom built crib for Twinkie

For the first time in weeks, we could put Twinkie to bed, close the door, and go about our normal business. We thought for sure that it would take him several days to adjust to the new space, but once we put him in there on the first night, we didn’t hear a peep come out of his new room until morning. It was glorious!

Now Twinkie has a nest of his own and space to sleep without being disrupted by the adult’s nightly routine. To this day, he loves being in his closet crib. After his bedtime, we often hear him talking about his day and singing himself to sleep. And it is the sweetest sound, sweetened even more with the knowledge that I can go about my normal life without keeping him awake!

Resting up to take on the big world beyond!