Twinkie recently hit a milestone in his life: the point at which you can stop telling people his age in months. I realize I might have a differing option from the rest of the world, but after he turned one, I had a hard time telling people his age in months. I soon learned, however, that other mother’s wanted to know his age in months so to compare size and skills to their own children. So every time I was asked that question, I struggled through the mental math required to calculate Twinkie’s age in months.

Twinkie drinking from his sippy cup

Now, after 18 months of life, I can finally tell people he is a year and a half, or two. No more of this ‘he’s 22 months’ business.

I do have to admit, however, that 18 months flew by. It’s hard to believe my little baby is practically a grown boy. It has been so much fun to watch Twinkie grow over the last year and half.

Playing in the digger

He is fascinated with all things construction right now.

Digging a hole for Pop Pop and Mama

He loves helping out around the house.

Swinging at the playground

He always seems to be on the go.

Throwing rocks at Deception Pass

And he makes our lives more complete. Oh, and he never complains about living in Ozzie’s remodeled construction mess because he doesn’t know any different.