While Husband and I were waiting out the Long Winter, we needed a little side project to boost our spirits. With spring right around the corner, and the first time that either of us owned our own property, we decided it would be fun to test out our green thumbs and build a couple planter boxes.

Our little side project

But let me tell you, these aren’t just any old planter boxes…

Just like you would expect out of Husband, we had to have the best, most efficient planter boxes on the block. After a bit of research, driven mainly by our nature of procrastination, Husband devised a scheme to build self-watering planter boxes. And so we set off to build ourselves a home garden.

Twinkie taking in some fresh air while Husband and I work in the yard

Husband not only wanted this planter boxes to do most of the work for us, he also wanted them to look really nice.

Special cut boards to fit together perfectly
Twinkie observing as we fit the boards together
The finished box

Once the box was complete, we prepped it for our plants. First, we laid down a pool liner.

The liner helps to keep the water in the planter

Next we laid down plastic pipes with holes in them to help the water drain out of the box.

PVC-like pipes

Then we laid a layer of peat moss to cover the pipes.

Peet moss filled planter

After we put a layer of weed fabric on, we filled our boxes with dirt and planted our plants. Here is what we planted:

Baby broccoli and artichoke (not pictured)

But the key to our planter boxes was the self-watering system we installed.

Now we don’t have to water our plants every day

The idea is that we fill the boxes with water through the pipe. The boxes are connected together by a PVC pipe. Once the first box fills with water, it overflows into the other boxes. When that box has enough water, the excess water will flow out the other side. Since we have a pool liner in the boxes, the water sits at the bottom of the box, and the plants will get the water our of the soil without worrying about watering them everyday.

The plan worked beautifully! We had a summer full of fresh herbs and more strawberries than we knew what to do with. In fact, the planter boxes worked so well, we crushed Brother-in-Law in the strawberry grow off!