After our epic Demolition Day, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed about the next steps to expand Ozzie and make room for Twinkie. But then life happened. And Twinkie arrived. And Husband got pulled away to finish up his latest project. And Ozzie sat, with his backside torn off, and us living with a newborn in our tiny house through the long winter.

Ozzie’s ready for his new face lift

But after winter always comes spring. And with spring comes the hope of new beginnings. And for us living inside Ozzie, comes the hope of progress.

One weekend, Husband sent Twinkie and me to visit my parents in Colorado. When we left for Colorado, this is what the back of our house looked like:

Ozzie after he endured the Long Winter

Why yes, I’m glad you asked… those are weeds growing in our future crawl space. You think that is bad? Take a look from this view:

Our backyard turned jungle

As the winter wore on, it become more and more difficult to navigate our way to the shed. But alas, I digress.

So, Twinkie and I went to Colorado and had a lovely time visiting my parents. Little did I know that Husband’s plan was to get us out of the house so he could work on Ozzie, distraction free. Well, the plan worked, because when I came back from Colorado, this is what our house looked like:

The near completed sub floor of the new addition

I could hardly believe my eyes! We had the foundation of a new house! It’s amazing what happens with a little determination and a breath of spring air.

*In full disclosure, I embellished this story a bit for the sake of dramatization. Husband and I worked on Ozzie a bit before I went to Colorado. For starters, we cleared out the jungle that was growing in our backyard. Also, the constraints of time would never allow Husband to set the forms for the addition, pour the concrete for the foundation walls, and build the sub floor in the span of three days. With all that to say, Husband still completed an amazing amount of work while I was gone. It’s amazing the work that can be accomplished when Seattleites see a bit of sun!