Twinkie taking in some fresh air while Husband and I work in the yard

I am sure every mother can relate to the sentiment that time flies, especially when you have a newborn. Twinkie celebrated his six month birthday a few weeks ago. I cannot even believe that it was six months ago that we were taking him home from the hospital. Now he’s a sitting up, solid food eating machine. And he has done marvelously living through the construction noise of Ozzie. Thankfully, it is just because he does not know any different.

Twinkie’s Stats:

  • Height: ~ 2 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: ~ 17 pounds
  • Favorite food: bananas and blueberry mush
  • Favorite activities: bouncing in his jump-a-roo, testing his vocal chords, and sitting up by himself
  • Fun facts: He once peed over his shoulder and into a urinal from the changing table of a restaurant bathroom

I can’t imagine life without this little goof ball. Six months down, a life time left to go!