Ok, ok, ok. I know. I am terrible at this. But, in an effort to keep this blog alive, I am going to continue Ozzie’s story where I left off…

… if you, my loyal reader, can remember way back to my latest blog, you will recall that we were given the Green Light from the city to start construction on Ozzie. It was time to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than to get the sledge hammers out and start breaking down walls?

This is what 100 square feet of house looks like

In true Husband fashion, I came home from work one fateful December day to our bedroom in ruins. You would think that I would be furious at Husband for tearing apart our bedroom without my knowledge, but I was rather joyful at the prospect of progress! Never mind the fact that this meant we were transitioning full time to our new and improved tiny house, or that Twinkie was weeks away from making his appearance, I was just happy to be officially breaking ground! It was the perfect celebration.

The guts of our bedroom
The new backside of Ozzie with the old post and pier foundation
The new view from the kitchen door

The demolition went pretty smoothly…. save for one small event.

During the second day of demo, I was at work, as usual, when I received this text from Husband:

IMG_2880 (1)


I was mortified! In fact I was so mortified, I think I scared everyone in my office with my outburst of disgust. Thankfully Husband disposed of the remains before I arrived home. Husband claims this rat had the most beautiful fur he’s ever seen. He named him Ratatouille. I’m just thankful I never knew about Ratatouille while I was sleeping under that ceiling.

With Ratatouille out of the way and the backside of Ozzie torn to the ground, Husband enlisted the help of Brother-in-law to place the bedroom, piece-by-piece into a dumpster.

Climbing up to inspect the dumpster
Ozzie’s backside neatly placed into a dumpster

All in all, it took about a week to demo the bedroom and throw it all away. The next step was to prep the backyard for the new foundation. Husband couldn’t resist the opportunity to rent a beefy machine for this job. (To his credit, it made the job go by WAY faster. Plus, Husband let me give it a whirl, which is probably the only reason I let him rent any equipment in the first place.)

Humphrey the Backhoe
Ozzie’s ready for his new face lift

All this work took place in December. Maybe it was the hope of Christmas break, or maybe it was prego brain taking over, but at this point I was sure we would have a room for Twinkie in no time. Little did I know that winter was coming and my delusions of grandeur would not match reality.

Oh well, at least we made progress!