The anticipation is killing me. Twinkie is scheduled to make his arrival any day and sometimes I am not sure that I can wait any longer. When I stop to think about it, I am overwhelmed with a flood of emotions. Usually it starts with pure excitement of the prospect of meeting Twinkie. It quickly transforms into pure panic as I think about taking this baby home for the first time and the responsibility there within. Then other moments I want Twinkie to come because I am tired of being pregnant and I want my body back. But these moments of reflection always end with joy that soon Husband and I will bring a child into this world. It is pure craziness.

Monday marks my official due date. Right now, Twinkie appears to be in the ready position, constantly sticking his butt into my rib cage to remind me of his presence. I always joke that he is doing the “cat/cow” yoga pose in there. At 40 weeks, here are Twinkie’s current stats:

Twinkie at 38 weeks. And yes, I am growing a basketball in there
  • Height: ~ 20 inches long
  • Weight: ~7.5 lbs (and quickly running out of space)
  • Current fruit size: a small pumpkin

This last year has been an amazing year for Husband and I. Husband sold his best project house to date, then immediately bought another property to work on. I graduated from my master’s program and found a job I enjoy in my field. We bought our first house together and traveled to Germany with some great friends. And of course we found out we were pregnant with Twinkie.

And while not every year can match to awesomeness of 2015, this year is looking on the up and up for us. Next step: operation welcome Twinkie into the world!