The number one question I get after people find out I am pregnant is if the Twinkie is a boy or a girl. When we first found out we were pregnant, Husband and I started a debate that would last for months as to whether or not we were going to find out what gender of baby we were having. My philosophy was that keeping it a surprise until end would be pretty fun. Besides, women have not been able to know the gender of their child for centuries. Why stray from that now?

Our first ultrasound
Our first ultrasound

Husband, on the other hand, wanted to know as soon as possible. In all honesty, he told me, he was afraid of having a girl and wanted the time to prepare for either gender of baby. I can see his point, but I reassured him it wouldn’t matter when the time came.

This debate lasted a long time. Anytime someone asked the question, we evaded the answer with a mumbled response. We just hadn’t decided yet and wanted to make a good decision for the both of us.

The bottom line is that each family and parent is different and are going to make the choice that is right for them. After a few discussions on the topic, Husband and I slowly moved toward the middle. The further along we got, the less Husband seemed to care. And for me, I thought waiting to find out would be something fun to do, but not something I HAD to do.

As the date of our first ultrasound loomed closer, we finally had to make a decision: to know or not to know?

We decided not to know. It will be more fun that way, right?

Oh, and because the question of what we think we are having always follows when we tell people we are waiting to find out the gender: we both think we are having a boy. Only time will tell.