Meet the newest member of our family, Ozzie.


Aptly named after one of our favorite Seattle Sounders player, Osvaldo Alonso, this gem is our new home. That’s right. All 540 square feet of him. Jealous? Thought so.

Here are Ozzie’s stats:

  • Effective built date: 1951
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bath: 1
  • Finished square feet: 540
  • Lot size: 2500 square feet

Now meet the growing member of our family, Twinkie.

*picture taken at 17 weeks

Not so aptly named after the popular dessert, Twinkie, this growing bump is our first child, scheduled to make his appearance early February 2016. Oh, and don’t worry, Twinkie isn’t his actual name, just that name we’ll use before he is born. Double oh, we don’t actually know if Twinkie is a “him” yet. It is just easier to pick a pronoun to describe Twinkie rather than writing “him or her” all the time.

Here are Twinkie’s stats:

  • Due date: February 2016
  • Gender: unknown
  • Current fruit size: carrot (~10.5 inches long)
  • Current weight: ~12 ounces

With the birth of our first child ahead of us, we know we need to make more room for our growing family. And so, we set out on an insane quest to remodel our house while also preparing for the birth of our child. This blog, Making Room for Twinkie, is an attempt to document this project over the next several months.

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Also, check out some more information on us and this project in the About Us page.