making room for twinkie

the quest to grow a family and a house simultaneously


One evening, relaxing in Ozzie’s main living space, Husband barks at me, ‘Shh! Do you hear that sound?’

I listen closely. I wait. And then I hear it. The faintest of sounds, but distinctively present: tiny scratches coming from the back of Ozzie.

Husband sneaks quietly to the back of the house to the door that separates the old Ozzie from the new. He waits. He jerks the door open, scrambles back in fright, and bellows… Continue reading “Rat-a-touille”


Guts and Things

For anyone that has watch a new house go up, you know that once framing is complete, it feels like construction screeches to a halt. In reality, some of the most crucial steps of construction happen immediately following framing. That is when all of the guts of the house get put in.

For Ozzie and our one man construction crew, this meant, on the outside, construction looked like it had come to a complete standstill. However, Husband was hard at work installing plumbing, electrical, and gas while the outside world wondered if we were ever going to work on our house.

Since I did not feel the next several steps were all that glamorous, I failed to take too many pictures of the progress. But, I will try to share with you what I have.

The guts of Ozzie’s new living room

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The Harry Potter Room

There comes a point in every baby’s life where they fly from the nest and venture out into this big, bright world on their own. That point is different for each baby, but is inevitable for all. For us and Twinkie, that point came sooner than we expected.

Twinkie gazing into the bright world beyond

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All in a days work

Sweet relief! After months of a wet and soggy Seattle, the walls were built, and we were finally ready for a roof… just in time for Christmas!

Ozzie ready for a roof and Christmas

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Cranks and Pulleys

With no roof and the second story floor complete, Husband and I were eager to get dried in. While putting the walls up on the first floor addition was fairly simple on his own, Husband was dreaming up a way to frame the second story walls by himself. Just as I have grown to expect from him, he thought of a solution that only he could come up with…

… a cranking mechanism to hoist up the walls. Continue reading “Cranks and Pulleys”

Roofless in Seattle

It’s not supposed to rain, he told me. It will be fine, he told me. It will go pretty quickly, he told me.

That was the last time I believed Husband when he told me how long it would take to complete a project on Ozzie. Never again.

Roofless in Seattle

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To build or not to build

The start of Ozzie’s growth

Take a good, long look at him. This is the last time you will see Ozzie in his original form. He was a nice, quaint house with no bells and whistles. But his look is about to change drastically. It’s time for the second story addition.

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18 months

Twinkie recently hit a milestone in his life: the point at which you can stop telling people his age in months. I realize I might have a differing option from the rest of the world, but after he turned one, I had a hard time telling people his age in months. I soon learned, however, that other mother’s wanted to know his age in months so to compare size and skills to their own children. So every time I was asked that question, I struggled through the mental math required to calculate Twinkie’s age in months.

Twinkie drinking from his sippy cup

Now, after 18 months of life, I can finally tell people he is a year and a half, or two. No more of this ‘he’s 22 months’ business. Continue reading “18 months”

Moving On Up

I have always enjoyed walking by construction sites and seeing the progress being made. Especially during framing, it looks like the building grew overnight. However, I have never really appreciated the skill it takes to grow a house until we started building walls for Ozzie.

As Husband labored in the back to get the first floor walls built, I watched from afar the progress being made. But once we got the basic walls built, I soon realized framing was an ‘all hands on deck’ sort of project.

Husband in action

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